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Emil Laier GmbH & Co. KG

Successfully active in the third generation in the field of construction equipment manufacturing.

The origins of the group lie in 1955 when Emil Laier founded the company with his son Manfred Laier.
Emil Laier GmbH & Co. KG has stood for a wide range of sophisticated products and services for over 60 years. Their technology and marketing are based on practical application requirements all over the world.
Constantly growing innovative strength and uncompromising quality thinking ensure maximum customer benefit in all product areas.
Emil Laier GmbH & Co. KG is a specialist in the development and manufacture of high-performance machines for concrete compaction. Our offer includes vibration technology, high-frequency intemal vibrators, high-frequency converters, extemal vibrators and generators.
The qualitatively outstanding devices are particularly characterized by their robust construction and durability.
Always looking for new, effective and innovative solutions for the construction industry, we have eamed a good reputation worldwide.
The current product range is the result of many years of experience and is now being supplemented by our self-monitoring, high-frequency intemal vibrator equipped with the latest technology, with an integrated converter.

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