Emil Laier GmbH & Co. KG

Form Installations

Form InstallationsForm-Installations for the manufacturing of modular concrete sections can only be designed, manufactured and built by experts that have many years of experience in the manufacturing of production installations for modular construction. Our associates, from the on-site associate to the construction specialist, are such experts.

-Battery Forms

With ground operable forming boards and end frames with hydraulic tensioning devices. Simple and solid construction, expandability according to performance requirements, minimal effort required for installation, movability, and the ability to be heated using any fuel type, are additional advantages of this LAIER construction.

Data sheet (Adobe Acrobat PDF, ca. 464 KB)

-Specialty Steel Forms

For cylindrical modular concrete sections, such as beams, columns, etc., and for reinforced plates and other specialty parts. An experienced construction team is available for the most efficient execution possible.