Emil Laier GmbH & Co. KG

Consultation and Planning

The LAIER crew consists of experts from various branches of the modular manufacturing business. They are always available to apply their varied expertise for you, the modular manufacturer, and assist with the planning of manufacturing expansion projects or new manufacturing construction projects.

Following some initial meetings with you, our experts will design the target projection of your project to implement it into the project suggestions.

After mutual evaluation and discussion of the project suggestions, we will develop a comprehensive project offer, including a cost determination resulting from the joint preliminary work done thus far.

Up to this point our services are offered at no charge and without any obligation to you.

It is of course our desire to engage in a lasting business relation by providing good and convincing initial services. The final decision is, however, of course yours to make. Why not give us the opportunity to demonstrate our knowledge and experience with your next project?

Complete Manufacturing Installations

From stationary form installations or from horizontal pallet conveyor installations individually adjusted for the planned modular delivery programme. Proven manufacturing and transport installations are applied in this